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At Home (Topics for Pet Owners)

Does Vetrax® work if my pet is away from home?

Vetrax® works anywhere, so long as the sensor is charged; data will not be transferred, however, unless the sensor is able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If you are away from home for an extended time, or if yo...

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How do I connect my Vetrax® Sensor to a Wi-Fi network?

Step 1: Make sure you have your pet's sensor nearby and that it is not attached to your pet's collar. Also verify the device is awake by giving it a moderate shake; the sensor's LED will be flashing green once ...

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How do I manually sync my Vetrax® Sensor?

The Vetrax® Sensor automatically syncs with our cloud servers once per hour when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Performing a manual sync is only necessary when requested by a Vetrax® Customer Support Advoc...

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Documenting your Hills® food purchase within the Vetrax® App

Documenting your Hill’s food purchase requires only 4 easy steps: Step 1. From within the Vetrax App, select the “Silhouette” icon located in the lower right corner of the App. Step 2. Select “Promotions/Reb...

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