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How do I set up Vetrax® on my Apple (iOS) device?

Setting up the Vetrax App on your Apple (iOS) device is a three-step process:

Step 1: Unbox your Vetrax Sensor and connect it to the charger. Once connected you will see a solid blue LED (10 seconds) followed by a solid purple LED (6 seconds) and then a flashing green LED (every 3 seconds).

Step 2: Visit the App Store on your mobile device to download the Vetrax App.

Step 3: Click "First time logging in?" and enter the email address used at time of sign up with your veterinarian, then press "Continue".

Follow the steps shown on the app to set your password, enable notifications and set up the sensor on your home Wi-Fi network (compatible with 2.4 GHz).

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